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What is Hardware as a Service?

Can your practice afford to replace the essential hardware that it needs to run properly?

Medical IT Management is known for offering a complete set of IT solutions for medical offices. However, the technology you buy isn't expected to last forever, and starts costing you money as it gets old and outdated.. Hardware as a Service is a solution for practices that don’t want to be saddled with, or simply cannot afford to take on, the capital investment of updating their computer hardware.

Save Money and Increase Employee Productivity

Leave your old computer hardware in the dust with our Hardware as a Service offering.

Maintaining and upgrading computer hardware and software licensing as part of a practice's IT support infrastructure is difficult to achieve for any size office. Small and medium-sized practices have it exceptionally tough when crucial parts of hardware fail as they don’t often have the necessary capital to immediately replace the malfunctioning piece of equipment.  The substantial loss of efficiency and productivity that a practice has to endure by trying to maintain archaic technology can be a major hindrance on your ability to remain profitable. At MITM, we offer Hardware as a Service as a more cost effective means than leasing or financing the same equipment, thereby turning a capital expense of purchasing new hardware into an operational expense. In this way, MITM can make a substantial and positive difference in your practice’s bottom line.

We make it simple; it's all covered!

Your IT will always be current because we refresh your hardware before it becomes obsolete to keep your practice efficient and profitable.

Traditionally, companies relied on the headache inducing practice of leasing or financing computer hardware in order to keep their IT equipment current. That capital outlay is eliminated by using MITM's Hardware as a Service solution. We can get your practice the servers, workstations, routers, switches, and more, so your hardware remains current and your software licensing is up-to-date, without requiring you to take on a large degree of added debt. The cost of the hardware is simply part of your managed services agreement. MITM’s HaaS offering can end the burdensome struggle between maintaining budget costs and keeping up with the technology that your practice needs to be profitable.

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