Computer Repair

Computer Hardware Will Always Fail

Anyone that works with computers knows how frustrating it is when they don't work properly.

There are many ways that your practice's vital hardware can break. In fact, many times it seems like all computer components are built to fail. At MITM, our comprehensive computer repair service can fix about any PC related issues that our clients have.

Servers, workstations, firewalls, switches, routers, printers, monitors, and other pieces of your practice's IT infrastructure all have one thing in common: ultimately, they will fail. In our years in business, we have amassed many resources, so when a piece of hardware fails, we are in a position to repair it or replace it very quickly. 

Our Goal: Maximum IT Uptime


In order to maximize productivity, your practice needs to keep its IT assets up and running. Our technicians specialize in the prompt repair of all types of IT hardware, peripherals and accessories. In this way, we offer solutions to occurrences that threaten your practice's ability to perform at full capacity.

It's important to understand the negative effect downtime has on your bottom line. This is the formula we use to explain how much your practice is actually losing for every minute of downtime.

Productivity Loss Formula
P=(Number of users affected) x (% of productivity loss) x (duration of downtime)
Revenue Loss Formula
R=(Number of users affected) x (average profit per employee per hour) x (duration of downtime)
Overall Loss Due to Downtime

More Than Just Computer Repair

Our knowledgeable technicians are able to fix all types of devices from manufacturers all over the world

When your computer slows down, you get less done. Whether it's because of a malware infection, antiquated hardware, or simply software that takes up too many of your system's resources, our technicians will find a solution that will get your computer working like new.

At Medical IT Management, we thrive on presenting value to our clients. From a server to the newest mobile devices, our technicians will find the solution to keep your practice's IT from working against you.


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